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Train Nigeria Learn Nigeria 2018 Courses

Train Nigeria Learn Nigeria is an International Manpower Development Exchange Program designed to empower Nigerian Youths to move the nation forward  to meet up with the advanced global technological demands.

These courses were deliberately researched and selected to reflect the various ailing sectors in the country, with the vision that trainees could help boost these sectors while at the same time creating awareness for the growth of these  sectors.

These courses include:

1)Automated leather processing and finishing technology           – (Shoe and bag)

2) Advanced renewable energy technology (ARET)

3) Fabrics, textile, processing and producing technology

4) Automobile technology and spare parts maintenance

5) Mobile communication technology

6) Advanced Carpentary Technology

7) Advanced mining technology

8) Medical equipment technology and technical training        (Health sector)

9) Agricultural Education technology/food technology

10)Fabrication Engineering Technology (FET)

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